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Tour of the Lake District. August 2019 by Louise from Kelowna BC, Canada

Wet but mostly wonderful!

"Despite England’s hot dry summer, The Lake District is an intermittently wet and dry location for hiking. Fog appears on mountain passes and contributes to uncertain footing on both ascents and descents. Go on these beautiful hikes. Take good, water impermeable gear and good hiking boots with gaiters if you want to stay dry while up high and on very squishy descents. Be warm, it can get quite windy at the top. The views are breathtaking and I would suggest you will have a different walking experience than most you would experience in Canada. In the Lake District there is not a native who does not care about your comfort and well being; gracious hospitality in abundance."

Tour of the Lake District. June 2019 by jmsfree from California


"I nearly died (my mistake and long story) and my wife fell and damaged her knee half-way, ironically as we were walking on pavement heading into Keswick. So we took the bus between towns for the last half of the trip. The locals lamented that the rains were much heavier than they should have been for late May, early June. So more adventure than we thought but we had a great time. By the way -- we visited NHS clinics twice about the knee. What a treat! Caring professionals and, astounding to an American, not one question about how we were going to pay for it. Wandering Aengus was terrific from beginning to end. Clear, responsive communications, excellent documents for navigating all aspects of the trip. Restaurant recommendations were good and all the places we stayed were very nice. Our luggage, as promised, was promptly moved from one town to the next. My wife and I happily recommend. "

Tour of the Lake District by Ann from Windermere, Florida

“What a wonderful trip! You guys did a great job and the hiking was so beautiful, the food excellent and the hotels charming. Great choices!”

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Lake District Tour map
The Tour of the Lake District generally follows valley routes and crosses between them using mountain passes and is therefore not a high graded walk. There are options on several days to take a high level alternative and the Tour will be more challenging if you take advantage of any or all of these. For anyone not familiar with Lake District trails, please be aware that there is little in the way of trail markings and signs once you are above the valleys and to do this tour you should be comfortable with navigation using a map, assisted by our route notes and guidebook, all of which are provided.