The Lake District Pound

The Lake District Pound (LD£) is our region's new local currency. It's fun to own and to spend with attractive designs which celebrate the history, culture and heritage of the Lake District.

Attractive designs

The currency came into circulation on May 1st 2018. You can order your Lake District Pounds in advance or you can change your plain old sterling notes into LD£s at most Post Offices and participating outlets in the Lake District. Spending with LD£ supports local busineses and when you leave you can change unused notes back into sterling. However, the fetching designs on the notes, which change annually, make these eminently collectable items and every pound you collect helps to fund local community and conservation projects through the work of Cumbria Community Foundation and the Lake District Foundation.

LD£ Passport

You can also get an LD£ Passport and follow the LD£ Passport Trail through the Lakes collecting stamps as you go. For more information about the Lake District's new currency, including links for ordering collectors sets and passports, visit